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We know better than anyone that emerging designers are often tight on cash as they start their brands and learn who their customer is and many independent designers ask us the best way to spend their hard earned income.  Aside from opening a Nineteenth Amendment virtual studio, here are the top three things we think you should prioritize when spending the bucks:

1. Photography

High quality editorial photography is crucial to having your brand stand out from the pack. What does this mean exactly? It means spending money on a great photographer, a good model, and investing your time coming up with the creative direction and styling that speaks to your brand. A good picture is often the difference between customers buying and not buying.

2. Product development

Sorting through sourcing and getting that first production sample correct is the initial building block for your brand. The more you finalize and streamline during the product development stage, the better your life will be when it comes to production. This means spending the time and money to get sourcing right the first time and getting the production details sorted with a great sample maker who can make you samples showroom ready – that way, if you do get a desk side, you will have great garments in hand at a price point that makes sense.

3. Interns

Surprised? A good intern is worth it. By offering a subsidized, for credit, or paid position and recruiting the right talent, you can increase your output 5x and push your business to the next level. We often suggest a good marketing or merchandising intern INSTEAD of paid PR. An organized intern can do a lot of the same work a junior level PR person could on your behalf, so why not help train the next generation while growing your own business?

These are our tips as you consider your budget for the new year. All of these in conjunction with the great marketing resources and e-commerce platform that Nineteenth Amendment provides will get your brand to the next level.

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