What is a tech pack?

Like an architect needs a blueprint, designers needs a thorough tech pack for successful production runs. A tech pack is a collection of information that allows someone to recreate your product. You can think of this as a blueprint for the design. Tech packs can include a lot of things including material information, a cutter’s list, and flat drawings.

Everyone creates slightly different tech packs but, at Nineteenth Amendment, we have standardized the tech pack to make organizing your designs and working with manufacturers easier and more efficient. Here are our tech pack components:

  • Garment description (including shopper description, your style number, sizing etc.)
  • Product photos of garment (flatlays and lookbook)
  • Tag placement information
  • Fabric sourcing information
  • Notion sourcing information
  • Trim sourcing information
  • Stitching details
  • Call out details with photos of your sample garment (construction details and callouts including soft tag placement)
  • Cutter’s must details (also known as a cutter’s list)
  • Flat drawings (also known as a technical drawing. Can be either hand or computer drawn)
  • Pattern and marker upload

A few notes: Pattern and markers are typically only needed once production begins but we like all the information to stay with the tech pack in case designers want to reference graded patterns in the future.

Unlike other production lifecycle management tools and inventory management systems for designers, we also include a special section called ‘Sell’ information. This is where designers can add additional notes relevant to the garment’s sales method and logistics like packaging cost per unit. This allows designers to more accurately measure per unit cost and model their margins.

Interested in building your first tech pack? Get started on our free trial and let us know what you think!


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  1. When property is the tech pack???
    Seems dodgy to put all my information and designe work on your data base and I don’t have any control or legal status established ???

    • Nineteenth Amendment

      Nineteenth Amendment

      Hi Maria,

      Thanks for commenting on our post on tech packs. We are very explicit in our terms that none of your designs will be shared with anyone unless you choose to work with our manufacturers.

      But generally, regarding ownership of designs, it is very hard in fashion to copyright or legally own. You can read a bit more about that on our blog as well.

      Hope that helps!


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