A production sample is a perfect prototype of your design that reflects your final tech pack and can be used by manufacturers as a guide. This production sample reflects your tech packs and technical drawings.

A production sample is different from a muslin because instead of being made from a “draft material” like raw cotton it is made out of the final fabrics, trims and notions and can be used as an example for future production to use as a guide.

Muslin vs Production Sample

Production samples often cost a bit more than just one-off production as they typically involve more feedback and adjustments on fit and finishings.

What makes your production sample fully production-ready?

  • Final fabrics, trims, and notions
  • Finished seams / fully finished
  • Garment tags places correctly
  • Sample size from which you will be grading up or down

On Nineteenth Amendment, we’ve created a way for all of our designers to request production samples if they don’t currently have a production sample to work with. When designers indicate they need a production sample made, our platform lets the manufacturer know that the designer may have to schedule a fit session with them and that the manufacturer may need to do additional work done after the production sample is made. The process of have a production sample created typically costs a bit more but having a good production sample will make for successful and less costly production runs in the future. Getting a production sample created through our platform also allows designers a way to test out production facilities to see which facilities they like best. Learn more about how you get a production-ready sample.

Begin building your tech pack today and you’ll be on your way to a production sample in no time.