Congratulations! You are officially a college graduate and entering into the “real world”. Now what?

If you are graduating with a degree in fashion design, the odds are stacked against you. According to The Guardian, only 17% of fashion graduates end up designing clothing as a career – the other 83% are stuck pursuing other supplemental services or dropping out of fashion completely (see infographic below). That’s thousands of possible Diane Von Furstenbergs, Marc Jacobs, and Vera Wangs that never get a chance to showcase their talents due to high startup costs, lack of operations and business education, and limited resources. With an increase in the outsourcing of design jobs as a result of fast fashion and  the high funding requirements to start a small scale line, many fashion graduates don’t have the option to start their own brand.

But anyone who knows a fashion designer realizes how scrappy and determined these clothing creatives can be. Designers are passionate (and often nocturnal). Unlike their liberal arts peers, fashion design students can’t bull sh*t a French seamed, bias cut charmeuse dress. Designers are some of the hardest working creatives out there, possessing skills across media types – digital and physical – they just need the right resources to turn their talent into a business.

This is why Nineteenth Amendment is investing in designers and why you should as well. Nineteenth Amendment gives designers the tools to bootstrap, market, manufacture, and sell their designs without holding inventory. We give them the tools so that they can focus on what they do best – design (and maybe get some more sleep too). After all that’s what consumers want – incredible designs made ethically!

So new fashion grads, runway-walk across that graduation stage with pride and gusto. Nineteenth Amendment is here to help you turn that fashion know-how and your senior collection into a fashion success story!