School collections seem like a lot of work for little return, right? Months of feedback and sketching, hours spent running around fabric stores, days spent pattern making and draping, countless nights sewing without sleep, all for…a grade and a 3 minute walk down a runway (if you’re lucky). Well, Nineteenth Amendment is changing that. Now, you can profit off of all of your hard work (or repay some student loans) and sell your collections (or any of your designs!) on without having to hold inventory or have a manufacturer lined up! All the work that you do during the semester is all you need to start your brand with Nineteenth Amendment.

We believe students should test designs and launch collections the smart way and outside of the bubble of the classroom which is why we’ve created the new Student Plan. You’ll be able to launch capsule collections, get access to exclusive Nineteenth Amendment designer opportunities (like press, selling in major retailers, and more!), and get a full system and network of partner US manufacturers to manage on demand manufacturing at no upfront cost to you.

Design school is expensive and let’s face it, you don’t have any time to waste getting your work and name out into the fashion world (ask Donna Karan, her first solo collection launched her career!). But don’t wait until your work goes down the runway to start on Nineteenth Amendment – start now and upload your tech packs as you design so that – come runway time – you’ll be ready to launch AND make your runway shoppable for all of your friends, family, fans, and press to buy!

A+ for starting today.