Imagine you were about to bake the best cupcakes in the world.  You had spent hours on the recipe, redrawn the decorations over and over again, and had finally gathered all your ingredients. You bake your cupcakes and everyone wants to order more but you used a specailty flour that you can’t find anywhere else. In fact, it was the last of its kind. Sounds like a horrible business decision right?

Ingredients are important. So why do so many young designers source for failure? It’s usually a question of cost. But often designers don’t realize what will save them in the short term will actually cost them long term.

At Nineteenth Amendment, we want designers to design for success.  From a time cost standpoint, sourcing fabric from a final reel bin takes about the same amount of time as sourcing from a more scaleable source, like online distributor. Though you may spend slightly more time waiting for fabric to arrive and on shipping, in the long term, the time savings and ability to replicate your product will more than compensate.

Need help scaling your sourcing, apply to be a designer and get access to our sourcing lists and designer consulting service. Set yourself up for success and source for scale with Nineteenth Amendment.
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