Fabrics and materials are the foundation of your garments. They tie collections together and can be major selling points. But finding reliable sourcing in lower volumes can be a struggle for indie designers and finding sustainable material sourcing can be even more challenging! This is why we’re so excited to announce our partnership with materials resource platform Queen of Raw. Started by Stephanie Benedetto (aka the Queen of Raw herself whose family has been in the textile business for 100 years), the site gives designers access to hundreds of material sources and rare materials like luxury vegan leather and 3D printed trims,  while also allowing designers with excess material to resell their unused fabric to other designers. Fabric waste is currently the 2nd biggest environmental polluter in the world(!) so we’re all for a ‘reduce, reuse, recycle’ approach to sourcing!

In much the same way as Nineteenth Amendment bridges the gap between consumers, manufacturers, and designers, the Queen of Raw platform serves as an ethical and easy way to bridge the gap between material providers and designers. Best yet, there’s no cost for Nineteenth Amendment designers to create an account on Queen of Raw and start buying and selling fabric. .

What to keep in mind when sourcing from Queen of Raw:

  • Some of the materials you pick may be in limited quantities, so make sure to invest in the fabric and limit your production run. See our video for how to set up your garment for limited production.
  • With Queen of Raw’s online inventory, if there is more fabric available than not or if it is replenish-able, Nineteenth Amendment’s smart tech packs can scrape your chosen fabric product pages to make sure it stays in stock
  • Got leftover fabric or old fabric from a previous collection? No problem. List it for sale on Queen of Raw.

With Nineteenth Amendment’s sustainable business model and mission to make the fashion industry better, we are proud to support Queen of Raw’s mission and platform. So what are you waiting for? See how it works and get designing.