In an online retail environment (hello e-commerce!), photography is the most important thing for a fashion brand. As you get started with your showroom on Nineteenth Amendment, we’ve compiled a list of guidelines to help your brand stand out and start selling better.

Product Photos versus Flat lays

Flat lay photos are probably the simplest and most formulaic photos you can do. These are garments laid on a flat surface (which is removed and cleaned in photoshop so that the background is white) and are great for marketing, line sheets, and data purposes.

Product photography should be simple and focus on show the product on the body, the ways to wear, and the unique details of the product. Because there is a model involved (or form), you can have a bit more freedom in how you style to reflect your brand.

Product Photo Do’s
  • Take a photo of the product on the model of the front, back, and sides
  • Be sure to show details like buttons, closures, or trims! Take garment detail images so you can highlight these for buyers
  • Doing a lookbook? You can capture standard product photos at the same time to save money
  • Have great lighting
  • Make your product photos 4000 pixels high by 2240 pixels and 150 DPI – this makes it big enough for buyers to  zoom-in!
  • Shoot all photography with a DSLR, and save each photo as both a JPG and a raw file
  • Shoot the garment in all the different ways it can be worn
Product Photo Don’t’s
  • Don’t show the face of the model without permission
  • Don’t upload pictures without editing them in Photoshop
  • Don’t use backgrounds that distract from your clothes – there is a fine line between conveying the brand and confusing the eye
  • Don’t obstruct the view of the clothing – we recommend ‘Mummy’ or simple poses for models
  • Don’t alter the image extensively. Save the effects for your editorials.
Flat Lay / Ghost Photo Do’s
  • Shoot all photography with a DSLR, and save photos as both a JPG and a raw file
  • Make your product photos 4000 pixels high by 2240 and 150 DPI – this makes it big enough for buyers to zoom-in!
  • Take the photo with a lot of light (natural lighting is good but additional studio lighting is better)
  • Take the photo from directly above the garment (sometimes this requires getting more vertical between you and the garment so we recommend standing on a ladder or chair)
  • Use a solid color contrasting background like a sheet or board to make editing out the background in Photoshop easier
Flat Lay / Ghost Photo Don’t’s
  • Don’t take flat lay or ghost images on a multi colored background if you can avoid it – this makes editing out the background in Photoshop hard
  • Don’t take the image from a weird angle – try to be as straight on or directly above as possible
  • Don’t shoot big jackets with arms out or dress skirts laid out wide – you want to make sure they fit within the image frame. We suggest folding arms at the elbow and consolidating skirts to best fit the product photo proportions
  • If you are doing a ghost image, you can shoot it on any form and photoshop it out, but there are specialty clear ghost forms if you are in the market.

If you need help identifying photographers to help you achieve these standards – please let us know!

Have any questions or additional suggestions? Send them our way!