Pattern Making: The “code” of fashion design

Although glamorized, fashion design is a very technical process – not unlike coding a website! As we collect the first designs for our launch, we want to share with you the design process in a “Behind-the-Seams” three part blog series, beginning with the first step in fashion: pattern making.

Drafting is where pattern making starts. A draft is a two dimensional layout of a three dimensional object. Think of it as a blueprint for a garment. Most companies still draft by hand using sample measurements, but more are venturing into digital, 3-D, pattern making. Like pieces of a puzzle, paper pattern pieces are traced off of the draft. Patterns (as shown from our studio below) are templates, for pieces of the garment, that are placed onto fabric to then be cut and sewn together.


Once a pattern piece is created it is then laid out and cut in muslin, an untreated cotton. Muslin is used because it is inexpensive and it mimics the properties of other cotton-based fabrics.


The muslin pieces are then sewn together into a sample muslin garment. Here is the muslin from our first design!


In our next post we will explore step two – Fit: The user testing of fashion design!

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    I am a sewer at home make a little girls aprons really cute thank you this is very interesting though

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