We search, you choose! Tuesday, July 18th we attended City Source Manufacturing Trade Show hosted by FIT and met with 65 of the best apparel, accessory and trim factories with services that include sample and pattern making, pleating, embroidery, printing, marking, grading, and even 3D printing! Here are 5 of our top favorites from the conference:

Shilo Byrd Studio

Shiloh Bird

Shiloh Bird Team at City Source (source @shilohbyrd Insta)

Shilo Byrd is a pattern and sample service company, offering a variety of services within the product development process. At City Source, they did a great session on production consultants. They are also one of the small batch manufacturers partnered with Nineteenth Amendment!

What you can use them for: Pattern making, sample making, technical design, pre-production (digitizing, grading, plotting, and marker making). Shilo also offers select short-run production for quantities under 100 units – so you can do product development and production for your collection all in one place!

Price: Dependent upon service requested.


Shapeways is a 3D printing service, so if you’re looking for a unique way to brand your garments 3D printing in the way to go!

What you can use them for: 3D printing can be incorporated in many unique and inexpensive ways, whether it be unique buttons or accent pieces. It can take your design from ordinary to priceless and fashion forward. Just provide the 3D file and you’re good to go!

Pricing: Depends on material. See their pricing page.

Basic AdhesivesBasic Adhesives

Basic Adhesives is an environmentally friendly adhesive and edge staining company. If you are a leather accessories designer or an apparel designer working with leather goods in which stitching isn’t enough, this company is for you. All of their adhesives are nonflammable and non-hazardous. If this is something that interests you, you can order a sample kit on their website and test it out!

What you can use them for: Glue pieces and finish edges of leather goods clothing and accessories.

Pricing: Sample Kit priced at $24.95, 1 gallon pail average cost of $80.

Labels Inter-GlobalInter Global Labels

Every designer needs a good label! Labels Inter-Global offers a grand variety of garment labels and price tags. Whether you want a woven damask or a hot press printed label Inter-Global can offer you that and much more. You ask, they provide!

What you can use them for: Create your own custom labels for your Nineteenth Amendment collection! You can also order other soft tags and labels!

Pricing: Dependent upon woven vs print, style, and color of labels.

M. & S. Schmalberg Inc.SM

M.& S. Schmalberg is a custom fabric flowers and covered buttons company that’s thrived in the industry since 1919.

What you can use them for: Hand made flowers and specialty buttons to add to any of your pieces for unique trims, notions or details.

Pricing: $7.50 – $25 per flower.

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