Nineteenth + Seventh is a monthly feature bringing cutting-edge fashions from our global designers to your favorite tastemakers. Our goal? To help tell their stories through our designers’ clothing. We believe that fashion is at its best when many voices–from independent designers to bloggers, stylists, and connoisseurs–make themselves heard. Interested in sharing your fashion story? Let us know you’d like to participate in the comments below.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What do you do?

I am an executive for a tech firm and a burgeoning entrepreneur. I currently reside in NYC with my husband. As a true Gemini, I love indulging in various hobbies and consider myself a perennial learner and a curious soul. Besides being a business and tech junkie, I am a fashion and style fanatic who writes a personal style blog,


When did you develop a love of fashion?

It all started with dressing up my dolls when I was just four years old and my love of fashion grew when I began designing and making my own outfits while growing up. I learned to sew during high school. I found inspiration in  fashion magazines and movies, I would try to replicate the same styles in my outfits. The whole process became a creative outlet for me that I enjoyed in my spare time. This process also developed within me a sense of aesthetic while putting together an outfit. Since then fashion became my mantra and an integral part of my lifestyle. Fashion to me, is a creative way to express myself in my own unique way.


How do you incorporate your own personal style with what you do?

I work in a corporate world so adhering to a certain dress code is usually expected but that doesn’t keep my inner stylist from getting creative. I try expressing myself through unique color combinations, pattern mixing, and by adding fun accessories like sleek belts, scarves and statement jewelry.


What is your go-to power outfit?

A silk shirt tucked into some tailored slim ankle pants, a patterned silk square scarf tied around my neck, pointed pumps and a structured tote.

What trend do you hope never goes out of style?

Stripes. No matter what you pair them with, the result is always chic.


What spoke to you about the garment you chose to wear?

This Natalie Rae Zoe Top is truly classic yet not  ordinary. I love the structured collar detail along with the surprising boho inspired flare that makes it appropriate for all occasions.


Inspired by a fusion of American folklore and American consumption and waste. The folklore storytelling through pictures was inspired by American artist Stacey Rozich. Her beautiful illustrations helped inspire the embroidery, print and layering concepts for the collection, giving it a vibrant, modern but playful feel. The silhouettes were also inspired by another American artist, photographer Jackie Nickerson. The silhouette styling, fabrics and uneven edges where inspired from Nickerson’s photography collection titled Farm. Every collection is made from 80 to 100% sustainable materials and are manufactured with fair work environment facilities.