Nineteenth + Seventh: Marisa Flacks, the Anthropologist + Style Spotter

Oh hey Marisa, long time no see 🙂 . Besides being an awesome intern, what do you do?

I am a graduating senior at Rutgers University studying Communication and Cultural Anthropology. Ever since I can remember I have wanted to work in the fashion industry. My undergraduate research project studied the ways in which fashion design students use their personal life experiences as inspiration for their designs. When I got to college, I realized how many talented students surrounded me, and that this talent would be the next generation of the fashion industry. In August 2014, I founded and launched The Style Almanac which is a platform for the next generation of the industry (and just hit 30k viewers!).

Awesome! Where did the name for Style Almanac come from?

An Almanac is defined as a book forecasting future trends, since the website serves as a platform for the future generation of the industry, therefore somewhat forecasting future trends, I thought it was very fitting.

Marisa Flacks Style Almanac in Kira Pizzingrilli

When did you develop a love of fashion?

I remember writing extremely detailed stories to my 8th grade english teacher about working at a big fashion company in New York City, so I guess you could say my love affair started then.

How would you describe your style?

Minimalistic and comfortable. If I could wear a black t-shirt, ripped jeans, and a leather jacket every day I would.

How do you incorporate your own personal style with what you do?

It’s funny because I’ve been asked many times if working with so many different student designers has changed my style. I think it has given me more of an appreciation of fashion as art, but I still like to keep my personal style easy and comfortable.

Your biggest fashion faux pas, or a regrettable purchase / style phase:

Definitely Birkenstocks and bangs in middle school.

Marisa Flacks Style Almanac in Kira Pizzingrilli

What is your go-to power outfit?

My black jeggings, loose black v-neck, leather jacket, and booties.

What trend do you hope never goes out of style?

Dressing up workout pants and sneakers with a leather or fitted jacket.

What’s the one garment you’ll never give away

My white converse or leather jacket.

I’m sensing a trend here…lots of leather. What spoke to you about the garment you chose to wear today?

I wore the Stripe Clear Skies T-Shirt by Kira Pizzingrilli. Anything with leather accents always grabs my attention, I also loved the comfortable jersey material.

Marisa Flacks Style Almanac in Kira Pizzingrilli

What does fashion mean to you?

I’ll give you my nerdy Cultural Anthropologist response: Fashion is an expression of one’s identity or desired identity. Whether we are talking about a designer who is creating clothing using their personal identity and experience, or describing your personal style, it is an expression of oneself.

What excites you about Nineteenth Amendment?

I really love that Nineteenth Amendment gives independent designers a chance to sell their collections in a financially smart, and ethically produced manner – and everyone a chance to build their own identity through clothing :).


From a life growing up alongside the beautiful beaches of Australia, each Kira Pizzingrilli collection reflects a coastal lifestyle with a subtle boho feel expressed through unique prints and a day-to-night wearability. Each piece is designed to be adaptable to suit a range of different events. Drawing inspiration from the traveler at heart, this collection is designed to ignite the wanderlust within us all.


Nineteenth + Seventh is a monthly feature bringing cutting-edge fashions from our global designers to your favorite tastemakers. Our goal? To help tell their stories through our designers’ clothing. We believe that fashion is at its best when many voices–from independent designers to bloggers, stylists, and connoisseurs–make themselves heard. Interested in sharing your fashion story? Email us letting us know you’d like to participate.



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