Hi Jessica! Tell us a little about yourself!

I was born and raised in NYC with a passion for food and fashion. My instagram @PeachyTravels is a creative outlet to inspire and share my adventures with others around the world!

What spoke to you about the Chanho Jang Off Pattern Skirt you chose to wear?

I was immediately drawn to how classic yet fashion forward and work appropriate Chanho’s designs were. The zipper on the garments added an extra touch to the look that made it pop. Since I spend a majority of my day in the office, I tend to lean towards looks that are more versatile in the sense that I can wear it to work yet still style it differently during my nights out.

Jessica of Peachy Travels in Chanho Jang for Nineteenth Amendment

What do you do?

During my usual 9 to 5, I’m an Environmental Health and Safety Advisor at a hospital, but outside of that I run my Instagram account @PeachyTravels focused on food and lifestyle. It originally started as a creative outlet to share my passions and experiences with my followers to inspire and encourage them to seek out new adventures and most importantly discover amazing food that’s out there.

When did you develop a love of fashion?

I’ve always had a love for fashion, and it’s very obvious if you walk into my closet because I’m constantly buying new clothes and seeking new styles. Fashion’s a way for me to express myself.

Jessica of Peachy Travels in Chanho Jang for Nineteenth Amendment

In one word, how would you describe your style?


How do you incorporate your own personal style with what you do?

I definitely wear a lot of black and white at the office, because it’s so easy to match plus you can never go wrong with that combo. It’s so chic and classy! Along with every outfit I always incorporate my watch to accessorize as well as a necklace. However, when I’m away from work I opt for more trendy and colorful styles.

Describe your morning routine. At 9 am each day, you are….

At the office checking emails while eating breakfast and drinking my hot cup of tea.

Jessica of Peachy Travels in Chanho Jang for Nineteenth Amendment

Describe your evenings…

My evenings are spent attending events, food tastings at restaurants, photo shoots to editing my content for Instagram.

Your biggest fashion faux pas, or a regrettable purchase / style phase:

I wouldn’t say I had any regrets even though I may not choose to wear what I did in the past, because I feel like whatever fashion sense I had then was what helped inspire and shape my style today.

On Sunday, we’ll find you wearing:

A cozy loose sweater with black jeggings with a large scarf, pea coat and booties.

What is your go-to power outfit?

Black dress and heels.

What’s the one garment you’ll never give away?

My cashmere turtleneck sweater.

What trend do you hope never goes out of style?

Dressing up sneakers with pea coats and classic wear.

Jessica of Peachy Travels in Chanho Jang for Nineteenth Amendment

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion means creativity, self-expression, and confidence.

What excites you about Nineteenth Amendment?

I find what Nineteenth Amendment do amazing in which they globally connect and help promote independent designers by selling their collections on their platform. It also allows consumers the opportunity to discover new designs and styles that are out there.


Chanho Jang’s design philosophy is creating concept driven wearable artwork, the label’s distinctive textiles are exquisite with elegance silhouette. Chanho Jang’s styling is art history with modern technique and concept. Shop Chanho Jang’s designs here.

All photos provided by Jessica.

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