Thanks Benita for speaking with us today! Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m an ethical fashion blogger, influencer, and activist. I love taking the complex world of ethical fashion and breaking it down into actionable bites so my audience can go out and create a more compassionate closet and life for themselves. Fashion should be fun and meaningful!

What does fashion mean to you?

Fashion is a way to love and honor myself daily. As women we’re constantly being told we’re not good enough. We’re too fat, thin, tall, short, blah blah blah. Loving fashion and choosing an outfit that makes us feel good inside takes back that power. It says “I love me no matter what.”

When did you develop a love of fashion?

I loved fashion as a kid. I would design my own collections and make them into books! Then as I got older I moved away from fashion because I thought it was too shallow (cue the biggest eye-roll here). Then about 7 years ago, I discovered ethical fashion and fell in love all over again. Fashion has been my passion/hobby/job ever since.

Bonita Robdelo in Lizna for Nineteenth Amendment

How would you describe your style?

My style is comfortable and ever-changing. I really like to dress depending on how I feel and what I need that day. Maybe I’m feeling down, so I’ll put on something bold. Or I’m feeling mellow and I’ll wear something cozy. Sometimes I want to feel like a 90’s alt chick and other days I want to feel like a disco queen. I just go for it. My one rule of thumb though is that I need to be comfortable. I don’t believe in suffering for fashion.

Your biggest fashion faux pas, or a regrettable purchase / style phase?

My biggest regret is all the years I wasted just wearing jeans and tshirts! For a long time I thought I had no sense of style so I stuck with the most boring stuff I could find. I felt like crap wearing stuff with no personality, but it took me breaking out of that phase to see it.

What is your go-to power outfit?

Vintage Blazer, my Tom Petty t-shirt, ripped black jeans and some kick ass heels. I’m pretty sure I could conquer the world in that outfit.

Describe your morning routine. At 9am each day, you are….

Just waking up. I’m a night owl so mornings are a slow time for me. The first thing I do is write down my dreams. Dream journaling is such a fun way to tease out solutions I hadn’t thought of the day before. Then I play with my cats, eat some breakfast, and read the news. Only after some me time, I kick work into high-gear. Taking some time for myself in the morning makes me so much more productive and balanced the rest of the day.

What’s the one garment you’ll never give away?

My husband’s old sweatshirt. It’s huge and ridiculously comfortable! I wear it whenever I need to feel loved.

What excites you most about Nineteenth Amendment?

Nineteenth Amendment allows me to find designers I might otherwise not know. Everyone on Nineteenth Amendment has such a unique design perspective, that when buy something from Nineteenth Amendment you know you’ll look unique too. Plus, I love Nineteenth Amendment’s innovative approach to cutting down on textile waste. I’m a huge ethical fashion nerd, so I love to geek out over their business model.

What spoke to you about the garment you chose to wear?

There’s so much drama in the Lizna “Effy Dress” but it’s still understated which is my favorite type of look to wear. The crisp white neoprene mixed with bold cutouts gave me all the feels. I felt strong and sexy while wearing it. Who can say no to that?!

Where can readers follow your journey?

Follow me on Instagram @benita_robledo or to really get inside my head, check out my blog I write about all things ethical fashion without ever taking anything too seriously.

Shop the “Effy Dress” by designer Lizna:


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