True to its name a marker is a guide used in the cutting process. A marker is a digitized version of your pattern laid out in the most efficient way possible on pattern paper like a giant puzzle. Markers are often made by computer grading programs and printed out on a plotter. You won’t typically need a marker until you are going into production.



In order to get a marker, you first need to digitize your pattern. Typically, a manufacturer will be able to do this for you and for Nineteenth Amendment members we have manufacturers and grading partners who can digitize patterns for you. Once you are ready to go into production, the marker is digitally laid out in accordance to the width and grain of your fabric and then it is printed on plotting paper. The marker paper is finally laid on top of the fabric allowing manufacturers to cut all of the pattern pieces at once.

NOTE: Typically, markers are unique to each production run since the layout is unique to the size run you are doing and the plotter paper will be cut once the fabric is cut!

If you’re looking to get started with production and digitize your pattern (great for documentation and storage purposes!) – we’re happy to help!

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