Young and talented designer, Lana Redman, is a freelance designer for Coach and recent Parsons graduate, but her futuristically edgy clothing reflects a focused vision rarely seen in people her age.  Lana has created a clothing line that embodies comfort and style, but also requires strength of character from its wearer to to stand out from the crowd.  Step into her clothing and you will feel like a futuristic warrior-goddess.  In today’s Designer Spotlight, we spoke with Lana about her designs as art and her typical customer (hint: mothers of dragons love this).

How and why did you start designing?

I started out very focused in fine arts – sculpture and painting specifically. The transition from fine arts to fashion came naturally as I enjoyed mixing various mediums and have a love for all things art and design related. I think, like most designers, I grew up with the natural compulsion to create things. As a child I was constantly begging my Grandmother to teach me how to sew and use tools and today I am still doing these things as a senior at Parsons.

What do you think about fashion today?

I think that it is a really exciting time to be a young designer. There has been a push for consumers to seek ethical production methods and change the established system that has been set before us. The industry is an evolving entity and I am excited to be a part of it when it is in a time of change.

What is your fashion philosophy?

My fashion philosophy is that clothes like any other art work need to come from somewhere conceptual. I make clothes because for me it is an art and a challenge to take an idea from an abstract inspiration to a tangible garment that reflects the initial concept but also propels it to a new level.

Any advice for fellow young designers?

I think the most important thing I learned so far as a designer is that you should never work on a project you don’t love. If you aren’t completely hopelessly obsessed with what you are working on, the clothes will reflect your lack of interest. You always need to find a way to get excited about what you are doing and not be afraid of pushing your concept into a different direction than it started in.

What is your brand aesthetic?

I would describe my “girl” as a modern-day Khaleesi (Game of Thrones) and Princess Leia (Star Wars) hybrid. Because of this, my designs are for a woman who commands a certain presence about her. My clothes are luxury active-wear for the woman who wants both high quality product and comfort. I seek to create garments with a powerful conceptual meaning that also have the functionality and ease of active-wear.

Obtain some futuristic inspiration by following Lana Redman on Instagram and purchase her garments here.