Old Cutters Must

Old cutter’s must served same purpose – but looked more like an Ikea manual…

Like the instructions to your first Ikea purchase, a cutter’s must, or cutter’s list, is essential to piecing together the manufacturing for a garment.  The cutter’s must is an itemized list of the components that make up a garment and is the core part of the Tech Pack, a larger collection of documentation needed to manufacture a garment.

The cutter’s must lists the pattern pieces in a garment, and like any good instruction manual, it should include drawings of these pattern pieces. When paired with a sample garment, it helps manufacturers reproduce to your standards and minimizes confusion. This information is crucial for the cutter – the person cutting fabric – as well as the seamstress.

We’ve standardized the cutter’s must form online to make the process streamlined for everyone!

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