Stylists are an integral part of the fashion ecosystem but finding the right one is sometimes hard. Nineteenth Amendment designer Rose Turner of Rosina~Mae wears both hats as a designer and stylist in the NYC area. Hear why it pays to grow your stylist experience as well as design and learn the best tips to get started. Check out Rose’s work on Volant Magazine featuring Nineteenth Amendment designers below:

How did you get into styling?

I got into styling because of my love for fashion stories. Editorial styling is my favorite. When I first started, I sort of fell into the role of a stylist. Model friends would ask me to borrow clothes, but instead of just letting them borrow pieces from my line Rosina~Mae, I would attend the shoot and show various ways to wear things and come up with an overall shoot inspiration. I also was modeling for awhile in my 20s and would create one-of-a-kind looks for my own shoots.

Nineteenth Amendment Rose Turner for Volant Magazine

What is it like, having your own line and also styling?

Designing is my true passion, but I love styling too! I enjoy including the designs of other emerging designers. Having my own line is great too because sometimes my work happens to fit the theme of the story and I can throw in a few of my own designs. I take my styling work very seriously. It’s different than designing, and having a cohesive storyline can mean the difference between getting published or not.

What are the benefits of being a stylist?

Meeting talented photographers, models, hairstylists, and makeup artists makes it all worthwhile.The energy is exciting. Having various teams of people to work with to create magic adds to your network. Everyone has an important role and I thrive on the unexpected. The added benefit is that I get to collaborate throughout the industry which comes in handy for my own brand work.

Nineteenth Amendment Rose Turner for Volant Magazine

What inspires you to do all this?

My love of sustainable fashion has allowed me to express my passion for emerging brands with like-minded designers. This is why I love pulling wardrobe from Nineteenth Amendment! And, I also know how hard it is for emerging brands to gain exposure, so part of me wants to help brands (like mine) be seen. I’m not into fast fashion and prefer to stay away from it. Rather I gravitate towards the luxury labels mixed with discontinued designer vintage labels that were once big. I hope in the future there will be more of a place for ethical fashion stylists.

What’s your best secret stylist tip?

One of my secret pass-times is skipping drinks with friends to hang out at the late night fashion magazine shops in NYC. Here are my faves:

Shhhh… don’t tell. I get lost in the pages. So much talent and so many ideas, I’m reassured that print isn’t dead. The best feeling is when you can buy a magazine where your work is printed! Hopefully that happens more often in the future.

Nineteenth Amendment Rose Turner for Volant Magazine

Want to try styling? Here are 3 tips for designers who’d like to try styling:
TIP 1: Keep it on the level.

Definitely try and make sure you work with people who are at the same experience level as you. Then you can grow with your team. I recommend researching other designers that are nearby. Know who you can pull from.

TIP 2: Use contacts you have made already.

For example: If you have friends from design school that have a new collection coming out, they may let you pull because you already have a relationship built with them.

TIP 3: Always do your best to credit everyone properly.

This is of utmost importance. Double check brand names and make sure of the correct spelling because once something is in print, you can’t go back.

Nineteenth Amendment Rose Turner for Volant Magazine

Ready to get styling? Portfolio sites are key so check out our tips on editorial photography and start your brand on Nineteenth Amendment to integrate your products in our Stylist Closet pulls!