In 1987, Congress declared March as National Women’s History Month in perpetuity. A special Presidential Proclamation is issued every year which honors the extraordinary achievements of American women. As a platform offering independent design with over 90% female founded companies with female designers, Nineteenth Amendment is honoring the amazing ladies who are making the future of fashion a reality this March.

This Women’s History Month we asked our talented female designers what it means to design for  women in this day and age:

ROSE TURNER DESIGNER NINETEENTH AMENDMENT“As a female designer, I think it’s important to be an activist both on and off the runway.”
– Rose Turner of ROSINA~MAE, Brooklyn, NY
Masha DESIGNER VARYFORM NINETEENTH AMENDMENT“As a female designer, I’d like to give women a chance to make a one of a kind statement through their style and celebrate their individual beauty.”
– Masha Titievsky of VARYFORM, Chicago, IL
MEGHAN HUGHES DESIGNER NINETEENTH AMENDMENT“[I love] being able to use our creativity and talents to empower other women and make them feel their best – it’s very exciting.”
– Meghan Hughes of MEGHAN HUGHES, BOSTON, MA
LIZNA KABANIE DESIGNER NINETEENTH AMENDMENT“Being a female designer today means freedom of creativity, building a sense of community, supporting and encouraging one another. It is an opportunity to be a true role model and a voice.”
– Lizna Kabani of LIZNA, DALLAS, TX
AzuRedee DESIGNER NINETEENTH AMENDMENT“The fashion industry exudes women— from marketing, images, products to conversation. Yet major fashion houses, didn’t appoint women for any major roles until mostly recently like seen in Dior, who after 70 years, in 2016 hired their first female Creative Director, Maria Grazia Chiuri…When I started my brand back in 2007, a lot of the opportunities that are available to me now, weren’t back then. I see it as a right of passage/paving the way for the next generation and a sense of empowerment and community building. We are showing the younger generation that it CAN be done! Everyday I get to express my talents and art through my brand; that is the single most empowering feeling, like saying I am WOMAN see me roar!”
– Shannen Azuredee Spencer of SHANNEN AZUREDEE (coming soon)
AMANDA CURTIS CEO DESIGNER NINETEENTH AMENDMENT“Being a female fashion designer carries with it a tremendous responsibility to reflect and impact our environment. Now more than ever there’s an opportunity to validate feminine power and ambition and design fashion that relays this transformative message for all women ”
 – Amanda Curtis OF Nineteenth Amendment

Whether it’s dressing as a form of activism or self expression, fashion can make a difference – and so do your purchases. Every dollar you spend on Nineteenth Amendment supports these talented female designers and the many women who make each product for you responsibly in the USA.

Check out their collections and chose the future you want to support.