One of the best things about the Nineteenth Amendment platform is the flexibility for designers and brands to manage their businesses. Unlike other marketplaces, we’ve created a platform that allows brands to sell in a variety of ways that suit their business. Below are a few selling scenarios and how brands can use our platform best fit their needs:

No cash? Run pre-sales, and only pre-sales.

Running lean? Develop collections solely for pre-sales. You will manage less production, be able to batch more orders, and build in scarcity in your products.


Easy! Just run pre-sales in our marketplace. Produce orders. And repeat!

Pre-sale only

Pre-sale with Wholesale focus? Use pre-sales to hype your brand and deliver.

Focused on wholesale but trying to grow your brand presence? Use pre-sales on the site to grow hype around your latest releases. Invite buyers to pre-order at a better wholesale rate and bulk wholesale orders into your direct-to-shopper pre-sale purchases to get the best pricing from manufacturers. Point customers to your wholesale partners to get the garments at retail price once the pre-sale is over.


Set up to run a pre-sale as normal on the Collection Plan. Do buyer outreach in advance (note, timing is important here) and potentially get buyer orders in before launching pre-sale. Put the entire purchase order into production after the pre-sale is over.

Developing a customer base? Sell all the time in pre-order without cash upfront.

Sell garments in pre-order even after the pre-sale is over by making them available for retail pre-order purchase. This is great for higher touch custom pieces.


Click ‘This garment is available for retail sale after pre-sale’ to indicate that this item is available for one-off pre-orders.

Available for Retail Pre-order

Still working on the traditional fashion calendar in traditional wholesale? Produce and lose the sell-backs

Use our platform to produce wholesale orders than sell any wholesale partner sell-backs to shoppers in-season. Strategically scale with wholesale while reducing loses.


Sign up for our Collection to submit Purchase orders with our manufacturers. Any overrun or sell-backs from your wholesale relationships, sell as inventory in a limited time collection launch.

Hold Inventory to Sell

Family emergency? Need a break?

Lives move fast and rapidly, sometimes you need to step away! Nineteenth Amendment makes it easy to pause by allowing you to limit when products are available for purchase, you can step away while your brand continues to grow.


If you had retail sale turned on, turn off “retail sell” on garments and have shoppers request a relaunch. When you are ready to return, you’ll have data around which products people want back and can re-launch those products in pre-sale.

Turn off retail sale on SELL


Atelier in house? Make yourself.

If you are a trained designer or have a sample room in house, make garments yourself by indicating which garments are easy enough for you to create.


Select ‘Make myself on a garment-by-garment basis.’ For these garments, you will be assigned as the manufacturer and you will have to update customers on the state of the garment yourself. If you sell more than you can handle – no worries – you still have access to our network of manufacturers. NOTE: please makes sure you have the time, skill, and equipment available to fulfill these orders!

Make Myself on Sell page



Nineteenth Amendment is the only platform that allows independent designers this much flexibility in finding the right business model and manufacturing solution for their brand. Got any combinations we missed? Shoot us an email. Want a consultation on your business? Sign up for our free trial and email us for free half hour consult (typically a $100 value).