Being confident in your production ready sample and having it in hand is an important step in the product development process. Now, with Nineteenth Amendment, you can work with our vetted US-based manufacturers to develop your production sample. Designers often make the production sample themselves but now, Nineteenth Amendment designers can choose to produce production samples or duplicate samples directly through Nineteenth Amendment.

We’ve talked a bit about production-ready samples in the past and why it is so important to have one. So how do you know if you are ready to start sampling?

  1. You have a sketch
  2. You have a production ready pattern
  3. You have material sourcing sorted
  4. You have technical drawings ready

Start off by completing your tech pack.

If you want the Nineteenth Amendment team to take a look before you send it to a manufacturer, submit it for review! We are happy to see if there are any areas you should add to before moving forward

Next, meet your Manufacturers.

Take some time to browse through our manufacturers and see their specialties and how they like to work. Feel free to give them a call or message them directly through the Nineteenth Amendment platform if you have questions!

Request a quote.

Once your tech pack is ready and you have chosen your favorite facility, request a quote for a sample by clicking the  “sample garment” box in your bid on the Nineteenth Amendment platform.

Requesting a Sample Quote

Requesting a Sample Quote

Pick a manufacturer and get going!

Once you receive all your quotes back, you can select your favorite, open a Purchase Order, and a cut ticket will automatically be created for the production of the sample. Note – you will have to order fabrics if the manufacturer does not do this on your behalf!

You will receive the garment depending on the timeline discussed with your manufacturer. By the time you have your production sample, you are ahead of the game. Why?

  • You will have worked with a manufacturer so you know the true hourly labor rate for your sample and you have hopefully found the manufacturer you want to work with in future
  • You are ready to take finished e-commerce and editorial photos and get ready to sell
  • You have a high quality sample fully-finished that you can lend out and have for trunk shows, present to buyers, or send to press to put your best for forward

Start a tech pack and get your production sample today!