Social media for young brands can seem overwhelming – but there’s no better metaphor for your social media strategy than a marketing marathon. Like training, it’s about being consistent and being driven by your brand message. Below are some tips to help you start developing a social media strategy:

Collect brand images – all the time.

Get inspiration, and post it! Follow other brands and individuals you admire on platforms like Tumblr and Pinterest and content aggregators like Feedly or Evernote. You can repurpose content for different platforms.

Be consistent.

Set up reminders on your calendar or use tools like Hootsuite and Tweet Deck to schedule posts in advance. Use services like If This Then That (IFTTT) to automatically post elsewhere.

Different channels for different uses.

Every channel should have a specific purpose and brand goal. Let your customers go inside your brand on Instagram. Have an industry point of view on LinkedIn. Start a conversation with customers on Twitter. You don’t have to use every network but make sure every network has a purpose.

Tagging gets you further, faster.

Find relevancy for many audiences by tagging collaborators, seasonal events, current events, and descriptive tags. Extra points for using common social media memes like #tbt (throw back Thursday) that offer broader views. Triple extra points #forfashion :).

Test, test, test.

Most social media platforms have analytics programs and many platforms have advertising programs. Start some campaigns at the minimum amount of ad spending (usually $10 USD) to test how well your ads do. For fashion, we suggest using platforms with visual components.

Got more tips we missed? Email us and get started building your brand today.