Now it’s easy to launch your brand – even in the US – for less than the price of a photoshoot. Explore the plans below to understand your best options for using Nineteenth Amendment to grow your brand in the US.

Before I begin, how does it work?

Great question! At Nineteenth Amendment, designers upload the tech packs or specs for their garments. Once you do that, you can get quotes from our vetted, no-minimum US manufacturers. With the labor quote, designers can price their items. If you are an international designer, you should plan to resource your fabrics from a US distributor (or pay for the service of fabric storage) and include the fulfillment or production management and fulfillment per unit prices on top of your final garment COGS.

Direct-to-Shopper Fulfillment in US*

If you’re an international designer with boots on the ground or feel comfortable managing your production remotely, we can provide the finishing touches to your pieces before shipping to customer. This includes QA, packaging labor, shipping per package for $20/garment.

Production Management + Fulfillment in US*

If you have a busy business in your home country and need additional assistance managing on-demand production with our facilities and platform in the US, let us do the busy work as your full outsourced D2C solution! This includes production management post-sale, fabric + material ordering, QA, packaging labor, shipping per package for $50/garment.

*Note: This cost doesn’t include packaging material. Brand can provide their own or purchase Nineteenth Amendment materials. Both services must be agreed to before pre-sale launch.

Got questions before you begin? Shoot us an email!

Looking for more public relations support in the US? With samples in hand, we can do showrooming, social, and so much more. Check out our additional services.


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