Designers, don’t be marginalized! As a company co-founded by a fashion designer, we pride ourselves on aligning our business and values with the designers who chose to partner with us. Our mission at Nineteenth Amendment is to make designers successful, which means giving them the tools they need to scale and NOT taking away the majority of their profit. We pay close attention to the breakdown of margins and what designers actually get paid out for every sale, not only on Nineteenth Amendment but with other retailers as well. We pride ourselves on being able to say that Nineteenth Amendment is value-aligned with designers. But, before we give you our transparent breakdown, we want to share with you the standards of other designer marketplaces.

Not Just a Label

  • 30% fee per item sold
  • All items must be exclusive to NJAL
  • 3 week delivery required


  • 15% fee per item sold
  • Inventory required


  • 30% fee per item sold
  • $25 monthly seller fee
  • Inventory required

Wolf & Badger

  • 20% fee per item sold
  • $500 monthly seller fee in store


  • 11% fee per item sold
  • Monthly seller fee ranges
  • Inventory required

Selling in a brick and mortar retail store? The average fee taken by store retailers is 47.02% of every sale according to the US Census Bureau.

Nineteenth Amendment is different. Designers pay a monthly fee to participate on Nineteenth Amendment and a transaction fee of 7% per sale which also covers the credit card transaction cost. This means that in most cases designers cover their monthly cost of using Nineteenth Amendment with just one sale! Here’s the breakdown:

Nineteenth Amendment

  • 7% fee per item sold
  • $89.99 USD monthly seller fee to start
  • No inventory required
  • Data dashboard at premium levels
  • Manufacturing network to scale your business
  • Production management system
  • Exclusive designer opportunities
  • Items do not have to be exclusive to Nineteenth Amendment

At Nineteenth Amendment, we bring transparency to the fashion industry. We’re smart fashion and we want designers to be fully educated about their options so that they can make smart decisions for their brands. Curious to see if Nineteenth Amendment is a good fit for you? Try us free for 14 days!