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Now that you have developed a hit list in Part 2 of our “Growing Your Fashion Business” series, it’s time to get to work. The next step is to plan your outreach strategy. You only have one chance to make a good impression so make it count and make it professional!

Step 1: Make sure timing is good

Traveling to a new city on vacation or attending a conference? Make sure your correspondence leverages these time sensitive events so you can include the call to action to meet in person (if possible) in your email, letter or phone call. Face-to-face is always better, and, if you can bring your product, points for you!

Step 2: Be concise, professional, and niche

Remember how we talked about investigating in your niche? Make a compelling business case by connecting your great product to a real need. Keep the first email short and sweet – 3-4 sentences with a compelling image and call to action to meet or hold a call or skype. Is this a store you really love? Consider sending snail mail to stand out from the pack.

Step 3: Present a compelling business case

So you have your samples in hand and they speak for themselves in terms of quality and design – that’s great. Now let’s talk business. Use the sales data from your Nineteenth Amendment Sales Data Dashboard to quantify your audience in the location of the boutique you are hoping to sell into and let them know the size of the audience you can potentially bring to them.

Step 4: Follow up, follow up, follow up.

Most of the buyers and boutique owners you talk to are busy people. Often they are small businesses (like yourself) juggling lots of tasks and often don’t have much free time. Keep this in mind as you reach out and follow up. A good rule of thumb is if you have not heard from someone in a week from sending your original email is to send a quick reminder to check in. If they don’t get back after two reminders, consider it a pass and move onto your next favorite partner.

Been through the wholesale wringer? Have any other good tidbits of advice? Send them our way by leaving comments below!