Here at Nineteenth Amendment, we spend a lot of time on the the product development phase of clothing design. We believe in testing all of our garments for functionality and ease.

With that being said, we find many designers are forgetting the single ladies.

Many of the designers we meet say they are designing for the 29 year old women on the go, but while they are pleasing to the eye, when taken for a test drive, some of the styles fall short on functionality and ease.

The majority of us live alone. We dress and undress by ourselves. That means anything that is hard to get on/off will be immediately disqualified in our purchasing decisions.

Here are ourf factors to consider when designing for the independent woman:

1. Revisit the side zipper.

Many designers insist on putting zippers on the back of garments. Sure this is a great way to hide the detail but for those of us who only have two hands (or can’t reach!!!) it presents a problem..

2. Source stretchy fabric.

As part of the “more to love” body bracket, I find many of my staple pieces are made with stretchy fabric, this is great for both my summer and winter bod. It can accommodate many body types and flatter all!

3. Don’t forget your shawties!

A designer that designs for models is great, but a designer who designs for all heights is better! Don’t force us to don heels in order to fit those pants, but rather incorporate a large hem allowance so both the tall/petite and flats/heels girls can rock the same look with some minor tailoring involved.

4. Take it for a test drive.

Commuting is a fact of life. And in New York, commuting usually means 50% walking. For those of us rocking the pencil shirt, this can be a challenge when there’s no slit. Slits are good! Product testing in real life if key for your early designs – so make it work for the ladies who work!

Remember designers, the more people who can get into your clothing, the more customers you can have! Am I right ladies?!

Picture provided by Anthony Manfredonia.