Shipping and packaging are a huge component to any online, e-commerce business and start-up fashion brands are no different. Efficient shipping is key to customer happiness and your packaging is key to customer delight! Every brand – and every garment – will ship differently so it’s important to plan in advance before you launch your collection for pre-sale on Nineteenth Amendment. Here are things to consider as you pick your packaging and shipping partners!

Start with shipping

Major shippers in the US are the United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, and UPS. It’s a great idea to cost out options in advance and see what provider is the most convenient. Most providers ship by DIM or the dimensional size of the package rather than weight, which is why, with clothing from larger retailers, you see a lot of soft packaging. All providers have free boxing and packaging options that may also be feasible depending on what you are shipping. For example, the U.S. Postal Service offers its Priority Mail Flat Rate program. FedEx has free packaging that you order online. UPS also offers shipping supplies free of charge to customers. Remember, there may be limitations on the size or weight of items eligible for certain size boxes.

Delight with packaging

There are many ways to make packaging branded and within budget. If you are using provided boxes from shippers, you can try to personalize them for your brand by ordering custom tape and stickers to add your logo to the standard boxes. We also recommend a softer touch with garments by using tissue paper and stickers for a branded experience. Be aware – there can be water damage with packages.

PRO-TIP: Consider putting garments inside plastic garment bags to ship and send to customer. This also protects from any ink from the packaging itself staining clothing.

Keep it personal

It’s not just about the garment – it’s about the experience. At Nineteenth Amendment, we recommend including a branded insert with a note for the shopper or a little bit more about your brand – such as a story about the piece of clothing or your brand beginnings. The small touches don’t go unnoticed by shoppers!

PRO-TIP: It’s easy (and expensive) to overdo it with packaging. Keep it simple and consistent to start and don’t be scared to TEST, TEST, TEST and see what gets the best response.

Track it + insure it

Always insure your garments. International shippers do incredible volumes each day and there is always a chance your lovingly created garment will get lost or stolen. Make sure you insure the garment for its full worth.

All major shippers also offer free tracking you and your customer can track online. The USPS lets you track packages online and on mobile. With FedEx, you can sign in to FedEx Tracking with your tracking number, sign up for FedEx Insight and track your packages without a tracking number, or you can track your shipments via email update by submitting a request. UPS has the Quantum View Notify program allowing customers to receive up to date information on the location and status of their order.

PRO-TIP: Sometimes the best shipping provider depends on what’s easiest for you and your business. It may be as simple as location and hours in terms of how you can deliver in the most cost and time effective way.

Simple ways to save

Do you reuse old shipping boxes? It’s frugal and ecologically responsible and may be great for your brand. Just make sure you remove old labels and codes and that the boxes are in good enough condition.

No matter which shipper you choose (or if you decide to use multiple). It is easy to let your customer know how you shipped and how they can track using Nineteenth Amendment. Simply add in the shipping provider and tracking number for each order and indicate when shipped. Once you indicate a garment has shipped, an email will be automatically sent to your customer.

Shipping and Fulfillment with Nineteenth Amendment

Ready to start selling (and shipping!) your garments?