Attending fashion week this season? It may sound glamorous but it can be far from..if you’re not prepared. Coast through the event lines and on to every runway show and fashion week event on your list with the Nineteenth Amendment Fashion Week Survival Guide Checklist.

  • Wear your own design!
    • If you’re a designer – no excuses! We preach that you should ALWAYS wear your designs, but if you don’t have 365 looks already, this is the week to wear what’s yours! Be loud and proud. We suggest hyper-styling so you stand out. You never know when a streetwear photog will be around the corner…
  • Carry business cards, flyers, or stickers.
    • We may be old school but when you’re on the go and meeting lots of amazing people, it’s always good to have something fast in your pocket for people to remember you by (in addition to your designs). We love Sticker Mule and Moo for great stickers and cards.
  • Don’t forget phone stuffs…
    • Inside that branded tote, stock it with phone gadgets like a portable phone charger and a charging cable. In fact, why not pack two? You may make a new fashion friend who needs a charge.
  • …And your emergency medical kit.
    • This may sound a bit overdone, BUT when your new stilettos give you blisters the size of small children or that sleek invite sliced your finger in half, you’ll thank us. Think bandaids, Aspirin, double sided tape, and mints.
  • Map it out in advance.
    • Make a list of where you want to go and plan it out! Going with others? Want to keep it all digital? Google maps are a great way to easily plan in advance, share and note take 🙂
  • Make time for travel (subway over cab).
    • As you map, have public transport in mind. If you are in NYC, cabs or ride services like Lyft might make you late (and some shows close doors – found this out the hard way). Have your metro card loaded and ready and prep for an insta worthy subway ride.
  • Pack water + snacks.
    • Nothing is sexier than hydration and not fainting. Remember to eat, sleep, hydrate!

Are you more than just attending? Get our checklist for running your own runway show.