Editorial Photography: Do’s and Don’t’s

In an online retail environment (hello ecommerce!), images are the most important thing for a fashion brand. Now that you have learned how to take the best product photos, we can dive into the more creative photographs in your showroom – your editorials!

Editorial versus Product Photos

The editorials on your Showroom page are your chance to express your brand’s individual style and inspiration. Use your imagery here to stop people in their tracks (and get them to consider your products). This is your chance to capture your shopper’s attention (did we mention you typically have under 2 seconds?).

Editorial Do’s
  • Shoot all photography with a DSLR, as a JPG and a raw file (unless you are creatively deviating…)
  • Shoot for all occasions – in order to use for both print and digital, have photographers provide use 300 DPI images. You can always make these smaller later (72 DPI is great for digital).
  • Make sure you shoot to have a wide image (or combo of images) to upload to the site
  • Use existing vertical or look books images for editorials by placing them next to each other to achieve the best format
  • Highlight what makes the garment unique
  • Shoot the garment different ways if it can be worn different ways
  • Edit out nipples (sorry no nudity!) – This also applies to shirts and bathing suits if the model is not wearing a bra – it can distract from the clothing
Editorial Don’t’s
  • Don’t use models that don’t represent your customer – we see a lot of designer use models who look too young and don’t appeal to the right demographic
  • Don’t upload photos with nudity (it’s OK if you use for you brand, but we can’t use them on the site!)
  • Don’t pose models in ways that obstruct clothing.
  • Don’t go over the top – use best judgement when it comes to makeup and accessories – remember, it’s about the clothes!

Remember, it’s always most cost efficient to get everything done at once, so if you are able to combine your product photo shoot and your editorial shoot, we highly recommend it! If you need help identifying photographers to help you achieve these standards – please let us know!

Have any questions or additional suggestions? Send them our way!


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