Through history, humans have felt compelled to express their identity by adorning themselves with jewelry. Jewelry designer René Moreta, born in Puerto Rico, presents his vision of jewelry through the exploration of linear form and how it can be presented, perceived and integrated with the body. A graduate of Industrial Design and Sculpture from the School of Plastic Arts of Puerto Rico, René Moreta’s designs are inspired by simplicity, geometry and nature. While he may seem shy, the strength of his design speaks volumes and his attention to detail in the methods he uses is incredible. All of René’s designs are unified by a continuous investigation of materials and processes. René approaches the creative method in a explorative way that triggers a constant rediscovery. Today we chat with René about the importance of process, documentation, and why sometimes taking a step back can be the best way forward.

How did your brand come about and why did you start designing?

I started formally designing jewelry in my last year of college after being a jeweler’s apprentice. For me, jewelry is a very interesting area since it is the perfect fusion of art and design.

What is your design philosophy?

My design philosophy is the continuous search for the essence of beauty, simplicity and elegance. I want to create a jewelry design house that will maintain a strong connection with my Puerto Rican heritage, master-crafts and maintain the highest quality. I want to present a strong and defined aesthetic constantly evolving in creativity and imposing a timeless style.

What’s the creative scene in Puerto Rico like?

I think is small but extremely creative. From food, clothing, objects, and experiences the full Puerto Rican culture is a very beautiful. .

How has your design changed over time and how has the Hurricane Maria affected your business and perhaps your design?

Hurricane Maria caused my business to suffered primary because of the energy problems, shipping delays, and time frame since it happened near the holiday days. Production came to halt, and I had to stop working locally and start exploring selling outside Puerto Rico but with everything so unstable I decided to shut down the business for some time. The positive from this experience for the brand and the design is that it has given me time to create, to sketch and time to re-think the future of René Moreta.

Where do you go and what do you do for inspiration?

I tend to sit down, put on some music, sometimes clean up the space, and start to draw. Is very important to me to have a BIG area to draw and materials available to prototype with if needed. All of this happens mainly at night from 11pm to 5am. I guess the calm of the night helps to put my mind in order.  Rene Moreta's studio in Puerto Rico

What inspired your latest collection?

The L I N E A collection was inspired by my own process and the need to have the opportunity to perfect my craft. When sketching I tend to start by just drawing a random line on the paper and from there my imagination runs wild. So for this collection I decided to start that way, by exploring the line in relation to space and to the body, using the three principal geometric figures – circles, squares, and triangles – just giving the sense of the shape but not completing the form. That’s why every piece in this collection is open, suggesting the brilliance of how different the same lines can be.

What is your biggest hurdle building a brand today?

For me the biggest hurdle has been the lack of centralized information and services. Good information about pricing and things like that. Luckily I discovered Nineteenth Amendment!

What do you think about fashion and the way people shop today?

Too fast, not enough time to digest the trend or style to be able to form a true personal style, so much so that people do not appreciate the pieces. Giving more attention to the new, and not taking in account the material, the work and everything involved in creating a quality piece, makes some consumers a bit worrisome.

Well of course none of those are Nineteenth Amendment shoppers! 🙂

Any tips and tricks of the trade?

Take your time to organize and WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING when participating in pop-ups or other types of activities.

What is your brand aesthetic and what makes your brand unique?

Simplicity and elegance defined my brand’s aesthetic. I think in a fast fashion world I consider René Moreta to be a brand that takes design very seriously with a mindset of giving the clientele a piece that they can cherish for many years to come, a timeless piece of jewelry.

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