Designer Spotlight : DRAGO

Kelsey Drago proves that cutting-edge couture is coming out of one of America’s oldest cities: Boston.  A mentee of the renowned French designer, Catherine Malandrino and Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) graduate, Kelsey has vast training in business management along with fashion merchandising.  Her simple cuts combined with visually stimulating prints work together to create pieces that reflect maturity and elegance for any woman lucky enough to step into them. In our second Designer Spotlight, we chat about her personal design process and her brand image.

How did you enter into fashion?

I was a business student for two years, but my passion has always been fashion.  I decided to attend the Savannah College of Art and Design, where I had the opportunity to be mentored by Catherine Malandrino. Since then, I’ve gained experience in the business end of fashion while building my brand in my free time.

What is challenging about working in this industry?

The fashion industry has always been known to be difficult to break into. Gaining a position as a designer for a well-known company is very limited. That’s why I decided to create my own brand, although this takes a lot of time and initial funds.  It is for these reasons that Nineteenth Amendment is so amazing!

What is part of your design process?

I like to tell a story through my design by asking myself questions such as, Who is the woman in the collection?  Where is she going?  What is she feeling and thinking?  This kind of creative imagining helps to inspire me and to come up with ideas for my designs.

What tips would you give to your younger self?

Always take every opportunity that comes your way no matter how small it may be. If you make time for them, you never know what doors they will open.

What is your brand aesthetic?

Paradoxically simple yet interesting.

Fall in love with some of DRAGO’s pieces here.