Calling all designers! Ever been inspired by the works artists like Frida Kahlo, Remedios Varo, or Leonora Carrington? Have you envisioned having a fashion show inside an abandoned New York Mansion? Dreamt of designing for the stage? Now with Nineteenth Amendment’s latest opportunity, those surrealist dreams can become a reality!

In an exclusive partnership with the Exquisite Corpse Company, Nineteenth Amendment designers are invited to submit designs to dress the characters of “A Ribbon About A Bomb” an immersive theatrical experience running August 18th through October 1st. The play is set in abandoned mansion on New York’s Govenor’s Island where guests will either be invited to attend the wedding or the funeral of Frida Khalo. Guests will encounter scenes, songs, style and site specific art installations inspired by the lives of these trailblazing artists, as they witness the women’s attempts to shape reality in the face of systematic oppression and entrenched social hierarchies.

In the same way that the play utilizes talents of many different writers to create the script, Exquisite Corpse Company costume designer/stylist Matsy Stinson is seeking fashion designers to help bring the characters of A Ribbon About A Bomb to life!


  • Designers must be a subscribed Nineteenth Amendment designer on any one of our plans, starting at $19.99. Learn more about plans and sign up here.
  • Designers can submit up to three looks (old or new designs) for any of the characters
  • All looks must be fully developed and made in a US Women’s size 4 or 6– no sketches allowed
  • Looks must be digitally submitted by August 7th. Selected final looks must be mailed to Nineteenth Amendment’s NY office by August 10th.
  • Final selected look(s) must be made live for sale on by opening night August 18th
  • Final looks must be made available for use through the entire run of the play August 18th-October 1st. Designers will be credited for their work. All garments will be returned after October 1st, dry cleaned and in original condition.

Meet The Characters

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo Mood Board

This iconic artist’s famous history and wardrobe almost go without saying. After being wounded by a nearly fatal bus crash, a young Frida took up painting to while away her seemingly endless convalescence. Her body never fully was healed, and she struggled with her health for her entire life. Most notably, her bus accident rendered her unable to bear a son, a subject often touched on in her work. She married, divorced and then one year later remarried famous Mexican artist Diego Rivera.

Three looks will be selected for Frida. One Frida will be dressed in her traditional Mexican skirt and top (wedding), one will be dressed in a suit (funeral), and at the end of the play they will bring the two tracks together in a scene that evokes The Two Fridas (top left in the mood board above).

Remedios Varo

Remedios Mood Board

Remedios was Spanish artist who found her artistic home in Mexico City, where she had her first solo exhibition in 1955. She gave many of the characters in her paintings her own recognizable facial features, regardless of the subject’s gender. Considered a radical anti-fascist and sometimes an anarchist, Remedios was fascinated by witchcraft and alchemy. She also was famous for prank calling numbers selected at random from the phone book.

Two looks will be selected for Remedios and they will both need some sort of magically-inspired cloak.

Leonora Carrington

Leonora Carrington Mood Board

Leonora was raised as a high society debutante in England, until she ran away to Paris to become an artist with surrealist Max Ernst. She famously declared, “I didn’t have time to be anybody’s muse…I was too busy rebelling against my family and learning to be an artist!” Max Ernst was imprisoned by the Nazis for his “degenerate art”, and Leonora subsequently suffered a severe mental breakdown and was institutionalized. After this time, she fled to Mexico City. She wrote short stories and created paintings  inspired by English/Irish folklore, as well as magic and legends from her adopted home, Mexico.

Two looks will be selected for Leonoras, one look should be a casual outfit (potential inspiration above), and the other look should be a debutante ball-inspired blouse.

Have questions? Need help choosing a plan to get started? Email us! Or get started below!