One of the biggest pain points we hear from designers is that they design collections, create inventory, try to sell on their website or wholesale, and they get the worst outcome possible: they hear crickets – no feedback, no sales, and no idea what to do next….

Nineteenth Amendment’s biggest goal is to stop crickets and bring back critiques and sales. We bring the shopper as up close and personal to the design and production process as we can in three ways:

Shoppers message you directly

On each virtual studio, shoppers give direct feedback on collections. Whether it’s commenting on a hem or expressing love for a particular design, designers can see what is resonating and respond to any suggestions shoppers have.

You can see sales and make smarter business decisions

On your Sales Dashboard, you can see where in the world visitors to your line are coming from and how many impressions each design is getting compared to sales. Using your data and our Line Evaluation Template, you’ll be able to see what garments are your best sellers and which you may want to promote more.


You can share directly from the platform…and see what works

With our new sharing tool, you can share your brand, line, or garment on any social media network and see how your marketing efforts are driving traffic. If one social media channel  =isn’t converting – you know where to stop wasting time!


Now that your pre-sale is over and sales have come in – it’s time to step back and take a look at the learnings from the pre-sale. Click HERE to check out our Line Evaluation Template and get ready to tackle the next collection with confidence.