When we first set out to build Nineteenth Amendment we knew that independent brands needed a better way to bring products to market and to life. What we could not have excepted was the breadth of brands – big and small – that wanted the inventory-free solution we created with Nineteenth Amendment.

Over the past three and a half years we’ve worked with over one thousand brands from every continent across 30 countries, helping them sell without holding inventory and manufacture sustainably, on-demand with vetted factories across the United States in as little as four weeks. The Nineteenth Amendment technology now powers these factories, streamlining their operations, creating jobs and year round stability, and cutting an industry standard six month production timeline down to 28 days all while reducing waste in the process.

When we first started Nineteenth Amendment we sought out feedback and advice from industry experts and leaders. Many applauded our idealism but ultimately couldn’t foresee how the industry could change in such a drastic way or how we could be the ones to spark that change. A few among them did have the capacity to envision a smarter paradigm with Nineteenth Amendment and have become amazing advisors, mentors, investors, and power users. What was once touted by industry veterans as a “pie-in-the-sky” business model is now a functional and thriving reality that is changing the fashion and accessories industry for the better by the day.

But we can do more. Today we announce the Nineteenth Amendment Smart PLM, the next step in our mission to build a smarter, more sustainable fashion future. Now, through our PLM platform, brands of ALL sizes, from those just starting to the largest brands in the world, can use Nineteenth Amendment’s  Smart PLM to power their own inventory-free sales on any channel and facilitate on-demand manufacturing in as little as four weeks at a fraction of the cost of traditional production solutions.

“So what is ‘Smart Fashion’?” you ask. Smart Fashion is giving brands the tools they need to operate smarter, to make more profit, design better for their customers and to be more responsible in the way that they sell and make products. Smart Fashion are products made with intention, efficiency, and people in mind. Shouldn’t all products be made that way?

The future of fashion is ‘smart’ –  but don’t take our word for it. Learn more and request a demo to see how your brand can be smarter today.