This month, Nineteenth Amendment rolled out a new support feature to our Designer Admin – meet our Designer Concierge Service powered by AgentQ. Now, Designers can get answers to any of their questions, on-demand. With the help of a robust designer support catalogue and artificial intelligence training, Nineteenth Amendment is now able to provide 24 hour support to our brands.

We love on-demand as much as the next person, so no matter when you are working on your brand or building your designs, you don’t have to wait for customer support to find the answers to your questions. In addition to our Designer Guides, this chat bot feature will help you get your questions answered faster.

To get started go to your Nineteenth Amendment Designer Admin, open the chat box and enter your email. Enter a question you have or choose a close approximation. An answer will be returned based on your question. If you like the answer, hit 🙂 . If it’s not correct or if your question wasn’t answered, hit 🙁 and ask another question. It’s that simple!

Take our new chat feature for a spin in your Admin and let us know what you think!