Starting a company is like starting a race. At the starting line you need to break away from the pack in an all out sprint.  I’m proud to say that Nineteenth Amendment has started strong, as evidenced by our recent Bostinno 50 on Fire win. Now it’s time for us to keep up the moment for the long haul. The consumers who want to see new, ethically manufactured designs and talented designers who applaud our efforts keep us going through the long days and nights. Like running any great race, we face challenges, but it is determination, perseverance, and the support of the fashion community that will make crossing the finish line that much sweeter.

There are two pieces of advice that my high school cross country coach gave me that I carry with me as I build Nineteenth Amendment. One, “running is a test of mental endurance. Envision crossing the finish line from the start of the race and you will.”  And two, “If you don’t throw up at the end of a race, you haven’t run hard enough”.

I love grueling, long distance runs and the satisfaction of crossing a finish line. When I came up with the concept for Nineteenth Amendment, I was in the middle of training for the San Francisco (SF) Marathon and participating in Startup Institute Boston. An injury stopped me from running the SF Marathon, but it allowed me to focus my time on training for the marathon of starting a company. Here’s to keeping up the momentum and kicking it in all the way to the finish line!