Choosing the best partners for your brand as you begin to grow is crucial in the early success of a fashion company. We often get asked “how do I know if Nineteenth Amendment is right for my brand?” so we’ve put together a quick checklist of prime reasons you may be ready to take on the next stage of your business with Nineteenth Amendment:

1. You can’t find a manufacturer

One of the biggest challenges for young brands is finding quality manufacturers that fit their needs and are reliable. As a Nineteenth Amendment designer, you get access to pre-order production software and a network of US-based micro-manufacturers to fit your needs.

2. You have no time….literally

Maybe you are just out of school or juggling a brand and a full time job, no matter what the personnel situation, Nineteenth Amendment’s Manufacture and Sell option can be your mini back office team with resources to help with manufacture, press, marketing, and more.

3. You’re a small team

Not everyone can do everything and you’re looking for something special. Whether it’s a logo redesign, an extra edge on product development, or access to photographers and models who can make your line shine, as a Nineteenth Amendment designer, you get access to a network of service providers who can help you above and beyond our manufacture and sell services.

4. You’re based abroad

Breaking into the US market is hard, especially if you are a foreign brand. Differences in sizing and shipping costs can make customers skittish. At Nineteenth Amendment, we provide boots on the ground for foreign companies who are looking to extend their reach. For our Manufacture and Sell brands, we provide US manufacturing with a quick turnaround, free US shipping, content editing, line sheet development, and access to US retailer partners, stylists, and media.

5. You’re not NYC-based

Even if you are US based, being outside of Manhattan can make it hard to get in front of the right clientele and buyers. With our new showroom and retail space, you can release up to 10 collections a year with monthly showroom representation, giving your brand a new place to call home, and have buyers call on you.

6. You’re interested in wholesale but not sure how to get there

Wholesale is a whole new barrel of monkeys requiring a sales mentality and correct preparation. For brands interested in getting started with wholesale, we provide the tools needed to make the most of your pitches including shopper sales data to share with buyer’s, custom line sheets, and guaranteed manufacturing fulfillment on any wholesale orders.


If one or more of these sound like you and your brand, today might be the day to apply now and learn more about our offerings.