5 Things to do this Fashion Week Other than a Fashion Show

Runways are so last season

What was a spark with “see-now-buy-now” fashion shows rescheduling is now a fire with designers like Alexander Wang totally withdrawing from this season’s showings. Designers and brands have finally realized how much power the customer has in terms of determining what, when, where and how product is released. Here at Nineteenth Amendment, we always knew this was the case, operating a designer-direct, on-demand shopping model without seasons (we won’t say we told you so!). For us it’s exciting to see the sea change that will make celebrating and producing fashion that much more exciting and accessible.

So, as an independent brand what does this fashion week changeup mean for you? A LOT. Now there are multiple ways you can get your brand in front of customers without committing to an expensive fashion show. Here are five things you can do other than a fashion show this NYFW and beyond:

1. Host an Instagram Runway Show

Find a cool space (can be in your house/apartment – just get good lighting and a back drop), a model, and a makeup artist and go to town! Film each look in fifteen second movements or positions and share them as your Instagram story for the week. The pictures and videos, if set up correctly, can have a very polished look without the cost of a runway and with potentially more reach online than you could get in person. Want to see our first Instagram Runway? Tune in X/X to see how we do our Nineteenth Amendment Insta Runway Live!

2. Host a Pop Up Showroom

If you want to serve press, stylists, customers, bloggers, and wholesale buyers at the same time, this may be the option for you! Note – this requires a lot of pre-outreach but, if done correctly this format can give viewers an intimate look and shoppable interaction with your brand. Need a space? Nineteenth Amendment has a discounted rate for room rental right in NYC! Email designers@nineteenthamendment.com for more info!

3. Host a Customer Appreciation Brunch + Preview

Who doesn’t love food and fashion? Find your favorite restaurant and throw a get together. Invite friends of your brand (and their friends too!), press and stylists to an intimate evening or morning where the models will be sitting right alongside them! This format works well if you have a great relationship with a local bar or restaurant that has private spaces. It is potentially a bit more pricey but even a happy hour special may do the work of getting everyone in the mood to purchase and share your work! Need some ideas on venues? Sign up for Nineteenth Amendment’s Smart PLM for exclusive access to our list!

4. Release a new look everyday with Facebook Live

Time to get camera-ready! Host your own mini QVC style interview and talk about one of your pieces everyday. To get more reach and hype advertise and countdown to the broadcasts. If one video performs well, consider promoting it. This also works well if you have a model willing to participate who has great camera-presence. Consider also offering a discount or gift to viewers while you have their attention to get them to take the next action with your brand!

5. Go to every event during fashion week with a model in your clothing

Build out a calendar of all the free NYFW events and attend wearing your clothes. If you have a great model friend, even better! Invite them to model your outfit and be your guest. You can both network your heels off (#stillettostrapping) and still connect in a very direct way with customers and partners.

Got more ideas? Or tried one out? Leave them in the comments below!

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  1. That’s awesome! That’s what I do! Because I hate Fashion Week runways! Because I think myself are a wasting time and money! Thanks a lot for tips! 😊😍😘

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