Introducing the ultimate democratization of fashion!  Nineteenth Amendment is democratizing fashion by giving a voice to consumers and supporting independent designers.  On Nineteenth Amendment, designers get the early support and sales they need to successfully launch their line, buyers get a chance to preview fresh and in demand talent, and customers get to have a say in the designs they want to purchase and wear. It’s a triple win!We aim to create an interactive experience in which consumers interact with and give real-time feedback to designers during the design process. In return for being active constituents, consumers can purchase exclusive designer looks before they hit the runway! Nineteenth Amendment:
  1. Empowers consumers to participate in the design process by giving designers real time feedback on their collections.
  2. Supports designers by helping to create a larger, engaged and loyal consumer base and by creating revenue without holding inventory.
  3. Connects buyers to new products and trends with our library of talented, new designers.
Our blog will focus on new innovation in fashion, fashion tech, designers we admire, trendsetters, and how fashion can be used to make the world a better place!