Establishing your brand, creating content and reaching your consumers can be challenging and costly, but it doesn’t have to be. There are ways to create branded content  within what you’re already doing that don’t require additional funding. One of the best ways to create marketing content is with photoshoots. Here are three easy ways to make the most of a photoshoot:

Leverage relationships and extend reach

Everyone needs content. In preparation for your photoshoot, begin by building a relationship with other brands who are at a similar stage. If you are a company specializing in a particular product, reach out to non-competing brands to collaborate. For example, at Nineteenth Amendment, we currently sell clothing only so we cultivate relationships with footwear designers, jewelers, and other accessories brands to incorporate their pieces into our shoot. This process creates the building blocks for a strong foundation for ongoing collaborations. Exchange product for marketing promotions. Tag each other on social media, link to their site in blog posts, invite them to events, offer affiliates, and share each other’s achievements. It’s as much about cultivating community as it is cultivating content!

Broadcast or film your shoot

Video is becoming a popular form of brand awareness and customer acquisition. Take the time to invest in this stream of content. Whether you choose to use YouTube to post videos late of live stream with Snapchat or Periscope, the first step is create accounts on the networks and consistently stream or create content. Followers of your brand want to be a part of your journey. Livestreaming these shoots allows for you to tease out what is coming soon and gives you an open space to chat with consumers. Thanks iPhone!

(To read all about the future of Periscope and fashion click here)

Capture moments behind the lens

A picture of a picture may seem like a nonsensical concept but it’s actually an on-trend idea called “Behind the Scenes,” or #BTS. These behind the scene shots generate buzz on social media because it gives a quick glance at company culture and what goes into the picture a consumer sees on the website. Social media is powerful and utilizing the channels available boosts virality of a company’s brand.  Try posting BTS pictures and tagging #BTS and anyone you’ve worked with, so co-creators can regram to share with their followers.

These tactics go the distance and turn a photoshoot into an ongoing business opportunity. Got any more ideas to make the most of your valuable time and shoots or have any thoughts on our recommendations? Email us.