Meghan Hughes

What do  you wish you could change or improve about the industry?

As a consumer, I find myself willing to spend more for garments that are produced in the USA. As a designer, I intend for my pieces to be manufactured right here in the United States. I want to show my support for our economy and the high standards that are upheld with a “Made in the USA” label. I would love to see a greater focus on American-made products in the fashion industry.

Why do you design?

I can’t imagine doing anything else! I tried playing sports, dancing, music lessons, and art classes but fashion and design is the only outlet I have found to really express myself. I have always been a people-watcher and I love trying to figure someone out based on what they’re wearing. I draw most of my inspiration from real people and their stories.

Why did you sign up for Nineteenth Amendment?

Nineteenth Amendment is the perfect place for me to get my name and designs out to the public and hear directly from consumers and supporters. As a recent fashion school graduate, I can’t think of a better opportunity to gain some exposure, while learning more about the industry and production process.