There is a lot of leaning in fashion – there is the contorted lean of models posing for photos, there is the awkward lean of designers wrangling garments on and off mannequins, and there is the forward lean of fashion bloggers taking notes as models work the runway. But fashion is missing one important kind of lean – leaning in.  Lean In is the title of Sheryl Sandberg’s new book and website which is, “focused on encouraging women to pursue their ambitions, and changing the conversation from what we can’t do to what we can do.”

Sheryl on the stage at Sander's

Sheryl on the stage at Sander’s Auditorium at Harvard .

Yesterday at Harvard’s Sander Auditorium, Amanda and I had the opportunity to see Sheryl Sandberg talk about her experiences, professional and otherwise, during her impressive executive career (Consultant at McKinsey, Chief of Staff of the Treasury, Vice President of a Global Online Sales & Operations at Google, and, currently, as Chief Operations Officer at Facebook). The talk is one she has given many times along her book tour, but yesterday’s talk was tinted with an undergraduate hue given the location.

During the first ten minutes of her talk, a bashful AV man interrupted and asked her to please remove her earring because it interfering with her microphone.  In response, Sheryl exclaimed, “See! If more women wore these microphones, they would design them better.”  This little vignette means a lot to us here at Nineteenth Amendment. Whether it is designing better microphones or better clothes, there is a place for everyone’s opinion and for support in helping others succeed in their ambitions.  Dialogue and collaboration are key in empowering young people, and designers, to be more active in pursuing their goals. We hope Nineteenth Amendment will provide the platform and community support for emerging designers to lean into their careers!

Take a peek at’s video and see an appearance by our namesake!

Lean In Community Welcome from on Vimeo.